Secure Connections

Read below to learn more about the security measures present on this site. The Martin Companies recognizes that the security of user information is of the utmost importance, and takes considerable steps to insure its safety and privacy. This information is provided to help explain how user information is protected.

Security Basics

Martin Connection uses one of most secure methods of data transmission available today. This industry-standard technology, known as Transport Layer Security (TLS), is the successor to the relatively more well-known secure socket layer (SSL) technology. Like its predecessor, TLS is a kind of digital trust system — a method of public and private key encryption, decryption and verification. Using TLS, sensitive information (e.g. login, payment, personal account information) exchanged with Martin Connection is securely transmitted over the internet.

Recognizing Security

To know you're securely connected, look for the lock symbol Secured. This symbol should appear in your browser software when you are connected to a secure Web site using TLS. Because there are a many different internet browsers available including Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and others, the manner in which your internet browser indicates a secure Web site connection may differ to some degree from the description provided here.

Being Realistic About Security

While no security is impenetrable, the likelihood of compromise of a given TLS exchange is negligible. Browsing securely using TLS is less risky behavior than many of the other activities you are probably comfortable participating in each day — activities such as giving out information over the phone, handing your credit card to the store clerk or a waiter, and even writing a personal check at your local grocery store.